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Holiday Pet Accessories

PAWS offers a great selection of Holiday Pet Accessories that is one of the most adorable pet collections available online.

Make your furry friend feel like part of the family festivities with our dog hair bows and clips!

Dog Hair Bows For The Holidays

Dog bows and accessories come in a large variety of colors and styles. These small bows add a sweet charm to your dogs fur! With rhinestones, beads, miniature flowers, and other embellishments the options are nearly endless. These hard to find wholesale bows for dogs are great for holidays!

Holiday Bows for Dogs

We have hair bows for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and more. Perfect for pet photos, holidays, and "doggy bags" for parties or newly adopted furry friends! Give a great gift to a fellow pet lover by creating a set of wholesale products. Combine hair bows with pet brushes, rawhide treats and dog toys!

Dog Grooming Bows for the Holidays

Is your furry friend freshly groomed? Tie on one of these hair bows with the attached rubber band to keep these wholesale accessories in place while your pup plays.

Many options and styles for your pets hair bow or hair clip.

Looking for a certain color or design? We have a range of shapes, styles, and colors to meet their needs.

High Quality and amazing prices for Holiday Hair Accessories for your pets!

All these high quality pet accessories are made available at low wholesale prices every day.

Shop at PAWS and find cute and quality pet toys and accessories at low wholesale prices you will love!

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