Turquoise Reflective Pet Bow Tie

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Turquoise Reflective Pet Bow Tie

Our new line of wholesale pet bow ties includes the beautiful Turquoise Reflective Pet Bow Tie. Your sweet baby will wag his tail when he wears his new bow tie for the first time. When he sees how much attention it gets him, he will never want to take it off! Surprise your friends next time you take your dog with you and dress him up in a glamorous turquoise pet bow tie. 

The comfortable neck collar is soft and adjustable.  This formal bow tie will fit most any dog or cat breed. 

Do you have trouble with people asking you if it's a boy or a girl? A pink bow might help!

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Heart Embellished Dog Hair Bow 


  • Bow: 3" x 2"
  • Adjustable Collar: 7" extended 

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