Pink and Brown Diamond Mini Pet Bow

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Pink and Brown Diamond Mini Pet Bow

Looking for a great new MINI PET BOW? Look no further! The sweet new Pink and Brown Diamond Mini Pet Bow is a great bow choice for both male and female dogs. This bow features a rubber band attached to the back for easy attachment. Wrap the rubber band around his or her hair a couple of times, just enough so that it stays connected. If your dog is down with that prospect, the rubber band makes it really easy to slip on over your dog's collar. 

With a new bow in your dog's hair, she will get even more attention from strangers. Everyone loves a clean and pretty dog. Make sure your dog is ready to go out on the town with her new bow along with a freshly groomed coat. 

Multiple Pet Brush Styles All Under $2!


  • 1 1/4 X 1"

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