Yellow and White Gingham Dog Hair Bow

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Yellow and White Gingham Dog Hair Bow

One of the most adorable summertime wholesale hair bows is our new Yellow and White Gingham Dog Hair Bow. This wholesale hair bow is a simple one layer bow with a cute gingham design. The yellow and white gingham is a warm and soothing design. This doggie hair bow looks great on all dogs. What a great topper to a freshly groomed pup!

This wholesale hair bow features an attached rubber band in the back that you can use to attach the bow to your dog's hair. If you have a short haired dog, or a dog that doesn't fancy the idea of a rubber band around his/her hair, simple feed the dog's collar through the rubber band loop and reattach the collar. This will offer an even more secure fit too!  Grooming day isn't every dog's favorite day. Give him some good playful attention to reward him.

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  • 1 X 1.5"

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