Green and Yellow Diamond Mini Pet Bow

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Green and Yellow Diamond Mini Pet Bow

A great MINI PET BOW from Wholesale girls. Give your dog another reason to smile and wag on yet another 'spoiled-rotten' day with a Green and Yellow Diamond Mini Pet Bow . The small rubber band in the back attaches comfortably to his or her long hair otherwise it will stay attached unknowingly by your dog if you attach it to the collar.

To attach a rubber band backed bow to your dogs hair, use a pair of small forceps. Wrap the rubber band around the closed forceps a couple times. Choose some longer hair farthest from the skin of the dog and grab the hair with the forceps. Slide the rubber band over the forceps that are holding the hair and release the hair once the rubber band is off the forceps and onto the hair.

Your dog deserves a treat! Perfect for your small Shih Tzu or a large St. Bernard

Throw in a New Durable Bone and Paw Collar For Only $1.25!



  • 11/4 X 1"

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