Green and White Gingham Dog Hair Bow

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Green and White Gingham Dog Hair Bow

This bow shows the beauty of simplicity in its design. The new Green and White Gingham Dog Hair Bow would make for a great accessory for any St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Your dog will look pretty darn adorable in this bow. This doggie hair bow will come with an attached rubber band on the back. It's easy to attach these hair bows to dogs with log hair. Otherwise you can always loop the collar through the rubber band too!

A new hair bow attached to a pooch is often the sign of a fresh grooming. Maybe your dog is unlike every other dog I've met, but they don't seem to be big fans of grooming day. Show your dog some love with a new rawhide to chew on at the end of the day.

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  • 1 X 1.5"

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