Embellished Dog Hair Bow Yellow and Peach

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Embellished Dog Hair Bow Yellow and Peach

"What a peach" (I couldn't help myself) your dog will be in her new Yellow and Peach Embellished Dog Hair Bow! This beautiful wholesale dog hair bow comes with an attached rubber band on the back that you can use to easily attach your pups new bow. Simple wrap a small loose tuft of hair around with the rubber band or attach to your dog's collar. 

This summertime hair bow features a shining gold thread that follows the edge of the pink ribbon. To tie it all together, this bow has a centered pink rectangular embellishment. After you receive your dog's new hair bow, be sure to review this product. We know you'll love it!

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  • 1 1/4" L
  • 3/8 H

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