Embellished Dog Hair Bow Turquoise and Emerald

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Embellished Dog Hair Bow Turquoise and Emerald

The shiny ribbon on this wholesale dog hair bow has an adorable shine. The new Turquoise and Emerald Embellished Dog Hair Bow also features a shining blue embellishment in the center. Edging the green ribbon is more shining material. A beautiful gold strip follows the sides of the emerald ribbon. 

These soft wholesale hair bows are comfortable for your dog. Your pup's new hair bow will come with a rubber band attached to the back of the bow which you wrap around a loose bunch of hair or fur for a good secure fit. Your dog's hair might not be long enough or if your dog would prefer you try another strategy, you can always feed her collar through the rubber band then put her collar back on. 

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  • 1 1/4" L
  • 3/8 H

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